training 115857940Attack K-9 Inc offers comprehensive training for all ages of your dogs life.  Our training instructors teach positive reinforcement techniques in a safe interactive environment.  We offer a wide variety of training options including:

Puppy Socialization
This class helps develop socialization which will help lay the foundation of obedience training.  During this class your puppy will be introduced to other puppies and people.  This confidence builder is very important at this time of your dogs life.

All dogs need to start at the beginning.  This class teaches Sit - Down - Come - Stay.  We encourage all dogs owners to seek some form of obedience training as early as 5 months old.

K-9 Boot Camp
This course is designed for the pet owner who does not have time!  Training takes a lot of time, patience, and repetition.  Our program offers a 10 day in-house training program.   During this course your dog will learn to Sit - Down - Come - Stay.  

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