servuces kellyOur nightly drop-off service is designed to provide guard dog security during closed business hours for various types of businesses and/or vacant properties.   Guard dogs are delivered in the evening at the end of your work day and picked up in the morning prior to your work day beginning.   Delivery and pick up times of the guard dogs are flexible and can be customized to accommodate each business individually.  Our handlers communicate with our office from every location, and check fence lines, gates, doors, windows, etc, to ensure there are not any security breeches and that all properties are secure.  Should your business be closed on weekends, and/or holidays the guard dogs will remain on site to provide the maximum security available.   Patrol checks are provided through-out extended periods that guard dogs are on site and ensures that the property and the guard dogs are secured.
Should you have a situation that requires 24-hour protection the guard dogs can stay on site at all times.  Guard dogs are a very cost effective alternative to properties that require 24 hr protection and are provided the same service as a nightly drop off with out the lapse of coverage.  Everyday a handler ensures the guard dogs have food, water, and are secured within the perimeter.
Each business/property is provided with "Guard Dog Warning Signs" that are posted on the perimeter to warn intruders and has a 24 hour emergency phone number on it.

    • Car Dealerships
    • Construction sites - new / rehab
    • Warehouses
    • Manufacturing
    • Scrap Yards
    • Residential


Number One provider of Guard Dog Services in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana!

Attack K-9 Security, providing the finest guard, security, protection, attack canines available!  We protect you, your business, your investment.

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