faqs21. Who will care for the dogs while they are at my business or property?

Our K-9 personnel provide the dogs with food & water as well as any necessary shelter.  We then provide Patrol checks several times throughout the day and night to ensure the safety and well being of our dogs and your property.

2.  Can my contractors/employees and I work while the dogs are on the property?

No! Our dogs are only handled by their trainers.

3.  Who cleans up after the dogs?

Our drivers are responsible for any and all clean up.

4.  Will the dogs damage my property?

No!  We raise and train our own dogs and know their personalities and capabilities before we assign them to any location.

5.  How many dogs will I need?

No two properties have identical needs.  We customize every security situation to fit your own.  When you call Attack K-9 we always asses your property before we offer a quote.

6.  What if we are working late? Can we change our schedule?

Yes, we provide a 24 hour service.  All we ask is for you to notify us as early as possible.

7.  What if I need emergency access to my property?

No matter when you need access our service is on call 24 hour a day.

8.  How long does it take to get Service?

Usually we can provide same day service.  This depends on if the property is safe and secure to hold a guard dog.

9.  What if I'm not sure how long I will need the guard dog service?

We offer daily and weekly rates.

10. How much does the guard dog service cost.

Guard dogs are the most effective and inexpensive form of security today.  Every property is different.  When you contact Attack K-9 we can be on site quickly to conduct an overview of the property and provide a quote.

Attack K-9 Security, providing the finest guard, security, protection, attack canines available!  We protect you, your business, your investment.